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Welcome to the home page of the JadeWeserAirport Days!

JadeWeserAirport Days – an airshow for the whole family.

The history of the JadeWeserAirport began in 1927, when a “small group of adventurous men in their flying boxes” established the newly named Flugplatz Wilhelmshaven-Mariensiel. In those days, the recently founded German Airline Lufthansa regularly flew the route Hamburg-Wilhelmshaven-Borkum. During the following years, the airport experienced an unsteady development, especially during the Second World War. It subsequently became one of the most significant economic factors in the region reaching a developmental peak in 2008 when the airport was officially certified for Instrument Flight. Now it is time to show you our airport and enjoy the airshow together.

Pleasure flights in fixed wing airplanes or helicopters, spectacular acrobatic displays by stunt pilots, rescue exercises or just taking a look at many modern and historic aircraft – the JadeWeserAirport Days, planned for 13th. - 14th. August, 2016, will be an event for everybody.

If you have any questions or want to participate in any capacity, just use the contact form and return it to us. We are pleased to receive all queries.

On the ground and in the air – we wish you an unforgettable time in the beautiful environment of the Jade Bay.

With best regards,
Andreas Wagner (Oberbürgermeister, Stadt Wilhelmshaven), Sven Ambrosy (Landrat, Landkreis Friesland) und Stephan Eiklenborg (Bürgermeister, Gemeinde Sande)

Current News

The joy of Skydiving - Presented by the Skydiving Club of Westerstede

We take pleasure in the participation of many members of the Sky Diving Club of Westerstede who will be presenting an aerial sky diving display directly above the Jade Weser Airport. This is an opportunity to experience the many variations of sky diving first hand directly in proximity to the landing area at the Jade Weser Airport Days Event.

The Sky Diving Club of Westerstede was formed in 1980 and enjoys the participation of approximately 100 members. Since 1987, the main airport and base of the club is the well designed and maintained Airport Westerstede-Felde, owned by Rolf Vahlenkamp. This airport is in the middle of the natural splendor of the region known as Ammerland. Sky diving takes place at this location throughout the year every Saturday and Sunday. The main season for sky diving is between April and October and during this time it’s possible to receive training in sky diving as well as enjoy a first tandem sky dive with an experienced sky diver.

Yak-3 – Simply fast

This WWII Era Russian Fighter has a certain similarity to the P 51 Mustang built in the USA. This generation of aircraft represented the apex of fighter aircraft design in production toward the end of WWII.

The development of this aircraft goes back to 1941. The Yak 3 was known as a very maneuverable fighter and underwent it’s first test flights in 1943. This aircraft has a 1300 Hp. Motor and special emphasis was placed on a very high “Red-Line” speed. Because of the powerful motor, it’s maneuverability and high speed range, this aircraft continues to be one of the most beloved WWII era birds at such events as the “Reno Air Race”, held each year in Reno, Nevada, USA.

The Yak 3 taking part in the Jade Weser Airport Days Event is normally stationed in The Netherlands. The participation of this Yak 3 in our event will present an unforgettable flight image in the Friesian Airspace.

In service for over 40 years – Wiking Helikopter Service GmbH

Wiking Helicopter Service, GmbH, with it’s wide range of all weather helicopter services extending over the North Sea and based at Jade Weser Airport, has been in existence since more than 40 years.

Wiking Helicopter Service was originally conceived as a service designed to transport Pilot Crews between land based Pilot Stations and their piloting activities on board Ships approaching and departing the North Sea harbors.

Through the years, Wiking Helikopter Service has evolved into an all inclusive helicopter flight service available for virtually all missions involving precision helicopter performance. Due to its extensive experience in helicopter –winch operations, especially related to offshore missions, Wikng Helikopter Service is a highly respected and sought after company specializing in this type of operation.

Wiking Helikopter Service works hand in hand with ADAC Air Rescue GmbH in relation to Offshore Emergency Rescue operations. This cooperation between Wiking Helikopter and ADAC Air Rescue insures that a fully equipped Ambulance Helicopter with trained crew is available 24-7. This helicopter will be presented to the viewing public as part of our Jade Weser Airport Days Event.

Bell 47 – Helicopters are classics, too

Friends of rotary wing aircraft – and those who will be inspired by helicopters through our Jade Weser Airport Days Airshow, will find our display of a classic Bell 47 helicopter fascinating. The Bell 47 is the first helicopter design accepted by the USA Federal Aviation Agency into civilian service in 1946. In the span of its service lifetime, this helicopter was produced in large numbers and found its way into the military and police services throughout the world.

This Bell 47 will be piloted by Dieter Verbarg, a native of the North Friesian Island of Sylt. Dieter is well experienced in flying not only Bell 47s and other helicopters; he is also competent in flying fixed wing aircraft as well.

Dieter and his flight of this Bell47 will remind many of us of the American TV Series M*A*S*H, very popular in the 1970’s. M*A*S*H stands for “Mobile Army Surgical Hospital” and this designation was also the title of the aforementioned TV series – a comedy series including Bell47 helicopters, field hospitals and a staff of really funny, creative actors.

AT-6 and Pilot Walter Eichhorn, both legends in their own right

The AT-6 is a single engine tandem-seating flight trainer built by North American Aviation. The AT-6 was first accepted for pilot training in the US Army Air Corps in 1939 and continued on in its training role until 1948. In the course of its illustrious history, this aircraft was utilized by more than 30 countries in the training of their military pilots. It was also one of the first trainers in service in the newly formed German Air Force following WWII.

The AT-6 presented at our Jade Weser Airport Days was built in 1942 and is noted for its easily recognizable and unique and very loud engine sound.

The pilot of this aircraft, Walter Eichhorn is at least as legendary as his AT-6. He is a retired Lufthansa Captain with more than 20,000 hours of flying time. He has flown in many national and international airshows and has also flown as a stunt pilot in various films – including Hollywood productions. Walter enjoys an international reputation.

Walter grew up in Jever, a neighboring town to Sande and the Jade Weser Airport.

We are quite pleased to be able to present Walter Eichhorn and his AT-6 as part of our Jade Weser Airport Days Presentation.

The P-51 Mustang – a WWII Classic

We are proud to be able to present this magnificent WWII Fighter Aircraft

Shortly before the end of the WWII the P51 Mustang assumed an important role in supporting Allied Forces Flight Missions over Europe. This aircraft was developed and produced by the North American Aviation Corporation. It is a single-seat fighter aircraft and was utilized by both the Royal Air Force and the Army Air Corp, playing a very significant role in achieving Allied Forces Air Superiority over Europe.

Between the years 1942 and 1948 a total of approximately 15,000 Mustangs were built and brought into service in many different military operations. This one-of-a-kind aircraft has a 12 cylinder Packard-Merlin-V 1650 Motor with 1671 Hp and reaches a top speed of 703 km/h!!

This particular P51 was in service in the last 6 months of WWII and is continuously maintained to the standards of its original design and mission.

The P51 presented by Jade Weser Airport Days will also be a part of the flying display portion of our program. It is a fascinating experience for our eyes and ears to experience this classic Warbird first hand.

Foto © Hot-Shots.nl

You can personally experience an acrobatic flight at the Jade Weser Airport Days!

The Aerobatic Center at the Jade Weser Airport in Wilhelmshaven, under the ownership of Wilfried Möhle, is the regional center for aerobatic flight training. In our Jade Weser Airport Days Event you will be able to observe his competence as a precision and uncompromising aerobatic pilot and be able to see for yourself the aerobatic capabilities of his Cap 10 aircraft.

Those of you who have often entertained the idea of acquiring your own private pilots’ license to pilot a single engine aircraft, will be pleased to note that Wilfried Möhle and his staff are fully qualified to provide you with the instruction you need to earn your private pilots’ license – as well as additional higher ratings, including aerobatic flight, as desired.

The Aerobatic Center will have its own Stand at the Jade Weser Airport Days and their staff will be happy to discuss your flying interests and answer your questions. For more Information please go to the website www.aerobatic-center.de

A German Federal Police Service H115 Helicopter will also be part of our display at the Jade Weser Airport Days

To the extent that the German Federal Police find it possible to integrate their H155 Helicopter into our Jade Weser Airport Days Event, this helicopter will be present and part of our static display. This will provide our guests with the opportunity to observe this remarkable special service helicopter from very close range.

This Airbus H155 helicopter is in the service of protecting the borders of the German Federal Republic and the European Union. Additionally, it has numerous specialized functions including fighting terrorism, supporting other police activities and observation of various maritime events.

This H155 Helicopter with its two jet engines can generate a starting power of about 1900 Hp and develop speeds of 175 Knots. In addition to the two pilots, the normal crew constellation consists of a flight technician and a photographic technician. As necessary, this helicopter is capable of carrying up 10 13 passengers.

We are quite pleased to have this Federal Police Helicopter as part of our Static Display. (And we note again, participation of this H155 is conditional upon being able to integrate a visit to the JWAD Event into the overall mission plans.)

Sightseeing Flights in a Robinson Helicopter!

The Jade Weser Airport has proven itself to be user friendly for a range of Helicopter services. Wiking Helicopter Service, a major provider of Offshore helicopter services has been based at the Jade Weser Airport since more than 40 years. Additionally the National Police Service routinely utilizes the Airport to re-tank its Helicopters.

Many people have been interested in a sightseeing helicopter flight, which, due to a variety reasons, is not normally possible.

During the Jade Weser Airport Days we have made a special arrangement with Hanseatic Helicopter Service, (HHS) based in Hamburg, to be present at our Event and offer sightseeing helicopter flights. HHS has been in existence for many years and has extensive experience in transporting personnel as well as equipment. These helicopter sightseeing flights will be flown by experienced commercial pilots utilizing their Robinson R44 single engine, 4 place helicopter.

This unique helicopter received certification by the USA Federal Aviation Agency in 1993 and has been utilized worldwide for a wide range of helicopter services since that time. The manufacturer of this helicopter is Robinson Helicopter Company based at Zamperini Field in Torrance, California. This R44 Model has a traditional 225 Hp. piston engine and is rated for a maximum speed of 210 km/h (113 Knots) with a service ceiling of 4270 Meter (14,000 feet).

More information on this and other sightseeing flights may be found in the designated link on our Homepage.

Further information related to the HHS Company can be found on their Website, www.hanseatic-helicopter.de

Broussard Sight Seeing Flights - Flights with an old classic aircraft

If you’ve ever dreamed of flying with an Oldtimer, now is your opportunity to do so. This Max Holste MH.1521 Broussard (Bushman) aircraft was developed in France in the 1950s and is presently owned and operated by Axenbeck Air Services Ltd.

This antique aircraft, originally built as a transportation and observation aircraft, has a Pratt & Whitney rotary motor which is capable of delivering 450 Hp and STOL performance. STOL, which stands for Short Takeoff and Landing, means that this aircraft is capable of departing and landing in extremely short fields, often inaccessable to aircraft requiring longer runways.

At the time of the Algerian Independence War with France, this aircraft was used as an observation platform and on occasion, was also equipped with weaponry. Its loud motor noise however, often betrayed its presence.

Here you will have the opportunity to take Sightseeing rides in this unique, historic flyer and indentify yourself with a part of its history!

Foto © Karsten Palt - flugzeuginfo.net

The Bauernadler, Do 28 D2 is coming to Jade Weser Airport Days

This Dornier Do 28 D2, known as the Skyservant, is a very robust and reliable twin engine aircraft renowned for its takeoff and landing capabilities on very short and rough runways. We are delighted to greet this Dornier as part of our Jade Weser Airport Days Event.

This multi-function aircraft was developed in the 1960s and was originally utilized by the German Forces as well as by other military services in more than 30 countries. It was capable of transporting personal as well as equipment loads.

A later mission of the Dornier, which further added to its recognition, was its ability to observe and document ecological contamination, such as the extensiveness of illegal oil spills in the North Sea. The German Marne Flight Squadron 5 utilized this Dornier Do 28 D2 in this observation and documentation capacity extensively.

This aircraft design was an evolution of the previous Dornier Models Do 27 and Do 28 A/B and resulted in the production of 150 units of this type. The two Dornier 28 D2 Aircraft under German Registration are operated by the RK Flight Service Company, based at the airport in Uetersen near Hamburg.

We are pleased that RK Flight Service has agreed to participate in the Jade Weser Airport Days Airshow and look forward to seeing this magnificent bird in our skies.

Fotos: © RK Flugdienst

A German Museum meets Jade Weser Airport Days

We are pleased to be able to present another oldtimer. The Waco YKS -6, a Bi-Wing design used extensively in Alaska as a flying ambulance. It is reported to have been involved in saving approximately 800 lives through it’s quick deployment capabilities. This Waco YKS-6 is part of the exhibition at the German Museum in Oberschleißheim.

This Waco YKS-6, was based in Anchorage, Alaska and from this base was able to fly quickly to wilderness locations to transport wounded and sick “Outbackers” back to Anchorage. This aircraft was designed in such a manner, that the rear fuselage space could accommodate a stretcher in a prone position.

The YKS-6 has a powerful Jacobs 7 cylinder motor, develops 268 Hp, has a range of about 850 km and a cruising speed of 103 Knots. It was ideally suited for the icy, primitive conditions found in Alaska. Even today, this aircraft enjoys a reputation among pilots as being a very robust reliable flyer.

This Waco YKS-6 has retained its original registration number, NC16512, issued by the Civil Aviation Agency in the USA. Following a complete restoration in 1989, the German pilots Marwig Herzog and Walter Eichhorn flew NC 16512 completely across the American Continent to Stinnes International Airport in Hancock County, Mississippi. From there it was shipped to Germany and to its present home, the German Museum in Oberschleißheim, where it is continually maintained to the level of airworthiness. It is a welcome guest at many airshows!

It is with considerable pride, that we are able to present this historically unique aircraft at our Jade Weser Airport Days Event!

Foto: Paul Eschbach (D)